ACR Poker uses hotkeys to make playing poker easier. These customized keyboard shortcuts allow you to take advantage of a number of shortcuts, eliminating the need for repetitive use of the mouse.

How Hotkeys Work

Hotkeys give you the ability to assign keyboard shortcuts for routine actions. For example, to fold, instead of moving the mouse to the fold button, you could assign F1 to instantly fold once clicked. Below is a full list of all the available hotkeys.

Using hotkeys doesn’t require any special configuration. When the betting round reaches you, you can press the corresponding hotkey on the keyboard, depending on the desired action. This is much faster than moving the mouse around and also makes multi-tabling much easier. Multi-tablers also have a hotkey to quickly arrange their open tables.

Activating Hotkeys

You can activate and customize hotkeys in the Settings menu. The options is under Playing Tools, and sliding it to “on” ensures the option is ready for use.

These are the actions that can be taken with hotkeys:

  • Fold
  • Check/Call
  • Bet/Raise
  • Blitz Poker: Fold and Stay
  • Bet Slider Move Left
  • Bet Slider Move Right
  • Bet-size Button 1
  • Bet-size Button 2
  • Bet-size Button 3
  • Bet-size Button 4
  • Bet-size Button 5
  • Cascade Tables
  • Tile Tables
  • Sit Out Next Hand
  • Sit Out Next Blind
  • View Last Hand History
  • Show Hotkeys (Selecting this opens configuration settings and launches the Hotkeys menu)
  • Leave Table

To customize the hotkeys, find the option to be changed on the list and click its current hotkey (if no hotkey has been assigned, “Enter Shortcut Key” will appear). Then, enter the desired hotkey or hotkey combination – for example, F1 or Ctrl-D. Click OK or Apply to save the change.

Notes About Assigning Hotkeys

When deciding upon which keyboard shortcuts to use, it is advisable to steer clear of commonly used keystrokes, such as letters and numbers used in isolation. Otherwise, there is a risk that you may inadvertently press one of the keys with special functions while typing away, and inadvertently take a potentially costly risk without realizing it. It is, therefore, highly recommended that you opt for the various function key options at your disposal or explore other alternatives, such as utilizing combinations of keystrokes or incorporating control key varieties.

There are certain rules to assigning hotkeys to player actions.

  • Only alphabetic letters and function keys can be assigned as a standalone hotkey
  • Both upper and lower case letters can be assigned as a hotkey
  • Number keys can be assigned as a hotkey only in combination with Alt, Ctrl or Shift
  • Hotkeys take up to two combination of keystrokes when combined with Alt, Ctrl or Shift (e.g. Ctrl + A~Z, Ctrl + 1~0, Ctrl + F1~F12)
  • Alt + F4 is not allowed as a hotkey

Please note that neither ACR Poker nor WPN is responsible for the misuse of hotkeys or malfunctioning hardware. For example, if you meant to select the “fold” hotkey and clicked “raise” instead, ACR Poker isn’t liable.

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