Auto Buy-In And Top Up

Because multi-tabling in online poker has become the norm for most players, it’s often necessary to tweak your personal settings to improve your poker experience. To improve your gameplay, you’ll want to take advantage of the automatic buy-in feature.

No matter what stakes you play, the Auto Buy-in function allows you to automatically buy in to ring games without having to use the buy-in window every time. You only need to specify your preferred buy-in once, and you won’t have to think about it again. When Auto-Buy-in is combined with Auto-Top-Up, you will never miss a hand.

How it works

The Auto Buy-in and Top Up features allows you to automatically buy in for a fixed amount and top up your balance to that preset amount automatically at the start of each hand should your balance drop below the preset amount.

For example, if you set Auto Buy-in to 50 Big Blinds and sit at a 25 NL table (with a maximum buy-in of $25), you’ll take a seat for $12.50 using the same settings. If you sit down at a 200 NL table (with a maximum buy-in of $200), you’ll start with $100.

Your buy-in settings only need to be set up once. Your buy-in will be automatically posted the next time you sit down at a table. Please keep in mind that this will be configured on the computer you are presently using. You’ll have to configure it again if you log in from a different device.

Here’s How

  1. In the top left corner click the “gear” icon.
  2. Select the Buy-in/Top Up option under the ‘Playing Tools’ section.
  3. Tick the Buy-in box, then choose the amount you wish to always buy in with or maintain on the table.

The following options are available in Big Blinds

  • The table minimum
  • The table maximum
  • A predetermined number of Big Blinds (as long as it is less than the table maximum)

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