Responsible Gaming

At ACR Poker, we want to ensure that players have a fun and responsible gaming experience at the tables. Playing responsibly is a crucial aspect of this, which includes staying within your budget and ensuring that online poker does not interfere with your personal or professional life.

We have developed a Responsible Gaming program that puts our players first.

Time outs

If you feel that gaming is taking more time than you’d like and you need a break, you can apply Game Restrictions, which allow you to put caps on tournament buy-ins with stop losses or disable games, meaning you can hide any one of our products, so it does not appear in the poker client while you play.


If you feel that gaming is having a negative impact on your well-being, you can self-exclude by disabling your account. This allows you to permanently disable your account. It will never be reopened, and you cannot create a new one.

Identify and reduce risks

The general guidelines below can help to ensure that playing poker online remains a safe and entertaining experience, and reduce the risk of problems developing:

  1. Play for fun and entertainment, not to make money.
  2. Play with money that you can afford to lose. You should never use money that you need for important things like rent, mortgage, utility bills or food.
  3. Set deposit limits you are comfortable with so you ensure you won’t deposit and play with more than you can afford. 
  4. Don’t chase or try and recoup any losses, especially don’t play higher stakes to try and win back more to cover money lost. 
  5. Don’t play when you are upset, tired, or depressed as it’s much harder to make good, clear decisions when you’re feeling down. 
  6. Make sure you have a good balance between playing poker and other activities such as spending time with friends, family, or participating in other hobbies. 

If you believe that playing online might be a hindrance to your life (or that of someone you know) rather than a form of entertainment, we want to help. In the first place, here are some questions to consider: 

  1. Have you ever taken time from your major daily obligations because of playing?
    2. Has playing online caused you to neglect your own welfare or that of your family?
    3. Have you ever sold anything or borrowed money to finance your playing?
    4. Have you often played until your last dollar was gone?
    5. Have you ever played longer than you had planned?
    6. Have you ever considered self-destruction or suicide as a result of your playing?

If you answered “Yes” to several of these questions, we encourage you to visit the following sites: Gamblers Anonymous or National Council on Problem Gambling.

What help is available to me? 

The National Council on Problem Gambling helpline number is – 1-800-GAMBLER

The National Council on Problem Gambling operates the National Problem Gambling Helpline Network. The network is a single national access point to local resources for those seeking help for a gambling problem. The network consists of 28 contact centers that provide resources and referrals for all 50 states and US territories. Help is available 24/7 and is 100% confidential.

The National Problem Gambling Helpline Network also includes text and chat services. These features enable those who are gambling online or on their mobile phone to access help the same way they play. One call, text, or chat will get you to problem gambling help anywhere in the U.S. 24/7/365.

Terms And Conditions:

  1. If you request a permanent account closure, you will be removed from any tournaments or open tables you are seated in at the time of the request.
  2. If you have multiple accounts, you must provide us with the necessary information to close each of them. If we detect any associated accounts, we will close them.
  3. If our security team detects that you have created a new account after permanently closing your previous account, your new account will be closed.

ACR Poker’s Responsible Gaming program promotes safe and enjoyable gaming by encouraging responsible gaming practices and providing players with tools to manage their gaming habits.


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Safer Gambling

Our Responsible Gambling program makes sure every player is of legal age and also gives you the option to self-exclude for a time period from our tables, sportsbook or casino.

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