Bomb Pots Are The BOMB!

The chips will fly when the Bomb Pot drops!

That’s because, in bomb pots, there is no preflop betting, meaning that all players get to see the flop. Once the flop is dealt, the hand resumes in typical poker fashion.

ACR Poker is excited to bring you more action than ever before, with every player at the table now being involved in the pot no matter what cards they were dealt.

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How It Works

Bomb Pots drop 4 times per hour at both 6 max tables and 9 max tables.

Please note that Bomb Pots do not happen at Capped and Blitz tables.

New players at the table will be automatically dealt in if a Bomb Pot occurs while they have the ‘waiting for big blind’ box checked. After the Bomb Pot hand, they will resume sitting out until it’s their turn to pay the big blind.

Remember that players are expected to pay the same number of big blinds per Bomb Pot as indicated on the table.

Where can I find Bomb Pots in the poker client?

Designated Bomb Pots tables are currently available at all cash game stakes. Look for designated cash tables marked with the special ticking bomb icon in the lobby.

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Safer Gambling

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