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The difference between winning pots and winning money in poker

Poker isn’t about winning the hand; it’s about winning the long game

Observing novice players in poker will reveal the reasons behind their shortcomings. Their aim isn’t to earn a substantial amount of money; instead, they are fixated on winning the hands. However, this approach is unproductive, and it is crucial to comprehend the difference between playing to secure the pot and playing to achieve financial rewards.

Ensure that the majority of your less-optimistic calls occur when you’re either on the buttons or are the cutoff. Both of these can provide some relief, with less investment in the pot. In addition, play back in your mind previous sessions and consider the subtle calls you placed when you were knew you were going to lose.

When you’re in a position to be able to raise, play only those hands that offer better strength. If you believe you’re folding too often, there’s a good chance you’re playing poker correctly.

When playing card games, the majority of opponents at the table typically don’t come out as winners in terms of rake. To avoid such an outcome, it’s crucial to play differently and up your game. Your approach must be either stronger or more aggressive than theirs. Doing so will increase your chances of success. Combining these elements is essential in playing the most prosperous style of poker, known as a hard style.

One sure way to win more is to attack at just the right time. Once you have a feel for your opponents and single the one you can continuously re-raise, he or she will eventually explode. At this point, you can expect a larger bet, which, if you know you have a strong hand, is the perfect opportunity to come back over the top with a three-bet and steal the pot.

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