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Lower suited connectors may be stronger in Texas Holdem

Suited connectors offer a lot of possibilities, and lower cards are an even better option

In Texas Hold’em, lower suited connectors (such as 4-5 suited or 6-7 suited) can sometimes be stronger than higher suited connectors (like 9-10 suited or J-Q suited) for several reasons. While this may seem backward, once you understand the logic, you’ll be able to make better decisions.

Lower suited connectors have a better chance of forming a straight than higher suited connectors. For example, with 4-5 suited, you can make a straight with 3-4-5-6-7, whereas with higher connectors like J-Q suited, you need 10-J-Q-K-A for a straight. The lower connectors have more possibilities for connecting with the community cards to create a straight.

Lower suited connectors are often less predictable. When you play high suited connectors, your opponents are more likely to put you on a strong hand when you hit the board with high cards. However, when you play lower suited connectors and hit the board with a low straight or flush, your opponents may underestimate the strength of your hand, potentially allowing you to extract more value.

Lower suited connectors can be used to disguise your hand. When the community cards come with low cards that connect with your low suited connectors, your opponents are less likely to suspect that you have a strong hand. This can lead to opportunities for bluffing or extracting more chips from your opponents.

It’s generally cheaper to enter pots with lower suited connectors because they have lower implied odds compared to higher connectors. You can enter the pot with a small investment and potentially win big if you hit a strong hand, making them cost-effective speculative hands.

Lower suited connectors offer more flexibility on the flop. If you flop a draw with lower connectors, you can decide whether to continue based on the texture of the board and your opponents’ actions. With higher connectors, you might be more committed to the pot, which can be a disadvantage if the board doesn’t favor your hand.

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