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Identify the worst preflop hands in Pot-Limit Omaha so you can avoid them

PLO players should commit these hands to memory in order to become poker sharks

In Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO), identifying the worst preflop hands is crucial to avoid costly mistakes and improve your overall profitability. Unlike Texas Hold’em, PLO is a high-action game with four hole cards, which makes hand selection more complex. Here’s how to identify and steer clear of the worst preflop hands in PLO.

In PLO, strong starting hands are those that can potentially make the nuts (the best possible hand) on the flop. Aim for hands that have coordinated suits and ranks, as these have the potential to make flushes and straights.

The worst starting hands in PLO are typically those with disconnected and uncoordinated cards. These hands lack the potential to make strong draws or the nuts. Avoid hands with low-ranking cards that don’t have the potential to form straights or flushes.

Hands with only one suited card are usually weaker in PLO. Such hands can lead to drawing to a weaker flush and leave you vulnerable to stronger flush draws from opponents.

Small pairs are generally weak in PLO unless they are accompanied by other strong cards. Playing low pairs without additional coordinated cards can leave you drawing to only a set, which is a less valuable hand in this game.

Hands with large gaps in card ranks are less likely to make strong straights. For example, hands like 2-7-9-Q are weak due to the gap between the 2 and the 9.

Your position at the table and the playing style of your opponents should also influence your starting hand selection. Tighten up your range when out of position and loosen it up when in late position or against overly aggressive players.

Developing the ability to read your opponents’ hands is crucial in PLO. By narrowing down their possible holdings based on the community cards and their actions, you can make better decisions regarding your own hand’s strength.

The best way to become proficient at identifying bad preflop hands is through study and experience. Analyze hand histories, watch videos, and play regularly to improve your understanding of hand selection in PLO.

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