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How to play pocket tens in cash poker games

Pocket 10s may look strong at first, but it all comes down to the table

Playing pocket tens (10-10) in cash poker games requires a strategic approach that balances aggression, observation and adaptability. While pocket tens is a strong starting hand, it’s essential to navigate the complexities of the game to maximize your chances of winning.

When you’re dealt pocket tens, it’s important to recognize that you hold a premium pair, but it’s not invincible. Your first decision should be influenced by your position at the table. If you’re in an early position, consider a slightly more cautious approach due to the potential for stronger hands behind you. In later positions, you have more information to base your decision on.

Pre-flop, you have a few options: calling, raising, or even occasionally folding, depending on the table dynamics. A standard strategy involves a moderate raise to weed out weaker hands and assess the strength of your opponents’ hands. Keep an eye on their reactions – do they call, raise, or fold? This can provide insights into their holdings.

Post-flop, how you proceed largely depends on the community cards and your opponents’ actions. If the flop doesn’t contain high cards that could threaten your tens, and the betting is minimal, consider a continuation bet to maintain control of the hand. However, if the flop looks dangerous with overcards, exercise caution and consider checking to see the turn card without committing more chips.

Adaptability is key. If you encounter aggressive betting from opponents, weigh the potential risks and rewards. While pocket tens is strong, it might not hold up against heavy aggression if the board indicates a possible higher pair.

Reading your opponents is crucial. Are they tight players who only bet with strong hands, or are they looser and more likely to bluff? Adjust your strategy accordingly. Keep in mind that overcommitting with pocket tens can be risky – it’s a solid hand, but it’s vulnerable to bigger pairs or sets.

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