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How to play a flopped straight in cash games

Flopping a straight must be finessed in order to maximize the possible winnings

Playing a flopped straight in cash games requires careful consideration of your position, the board texture, your opponents’ tendencies, and effective bet sizing. To navigate a flopped straight, follow some proven steps.

Consider your position at the table. Being in later positions allows you to gather more information about your opponents’ actions before making your decision. Take note of your opponents’ playing styles and tendencies. Are they aggressive, passive, tight, or loose? This information will help you make better decisions.

Examine the flop and the board texture. A flopped straight occurs when you have three consecutive cards in a sequence (e.g., 4-5-6) on the board. Consider potential draws or completed hands that could beat your straight. Assess if there are possible flush draws, full houses, or higher straights on the board.

Having a flopped straight is a strong hand, but it’s important to recognize if it’s the nuts (the best possible hand). If the board has potential for better hands, be cautious.

If you’re in an early position, consider a more conservative betting approach to allow players behind you to show their intentions. In later positions, you have more information to act on. You can decide between betting to build the pot or checking to induce bets from opponents.

Your bet size should reflect the board texture and your opponents’ tendencies. If the board is coordinated with potential draws, consider betting a bit larger to protect your hand and charge opponents who are chasing draws. If the board is dry and unlikely to have connected with your opponents’ hands, consider smaller bets to entice calls from weaker hands.

Pay attention to how your opponents react to your bet. Do they call quickly, raise, or fold? Quick calls might indicate a weaker hand or a draw, while raises can suggest strong made hands or potential better straights.

If you face a raise, analyze the situation carefully. Consider the player’s tendencies, their range, and the likelihood of them having a better hand. Be prepared to fold if the situation indicates that your flopped straight might be beat.

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