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How to fight back against angle shooters in poker

Respectable poker players will avoid angle shooting, and there are ways to keep the game clean

A tactic known as angler shooting exists in poker, which may not be considered unlawful but has the capability to manipulate the opponent’s action to one’s advantage. These moves can be easily recognized by their straightforward approach, but it is essential to be aware of them prior to their employment, or else they may bite you at the tables.

During a pre-flop event, it is common for a player to hold onto their cards and make a flipping motion with their wrist. This deceptive action is intended to trick other players into thinking that the angle shooter is folding or engaging in some other non-action. He looks for their reactions before turning the tables and placing a bet.

The out-of-turn angle shooter is one who’s in a later position in the betting round. In an attempt to deter your betting or increasing, he utters raise or all-in, despite being out of position. His intention is for you to perceive his actions as an accidental error but to be hesitant to gamble or raise due to a potential counter-raise from him.

The shooter’s field of play in poker is defined by the betting lines, which may require placing a stack of chips across the line. The player who doesn’t put his chips north of that line is trying to get his opponents to misread the hand. He wants them to react so he can then make his decision on how to play.

A hidden-money angle shooter conceals his stack, so the chips with higher denominations aren’t visible. During gameplay, he engages in dialogue while keeping his distance in order to downplay his level of involvement. He anticipates that rivals will miscalculate his level of investment and wager. When he ultimately tallies his earnings, opponents are typically caught off guard by the true magnitude of his stack.

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