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A look at the starting hands that make the most money in multiway pots

These could be the biggest moneymakers for Texas Hold’em players when the action gets big

In Texas Hold’em, the starting hands that can make the most money in multiway pots are those that offer strong potential for hitting big hands or dominating opponents in various scenarios. Multiway pots typically involve three or more players, and the strategy for choosing starting hands in these situations differs from heads-up play.

Pocket pairs like Aces (AA), Kings (KK) and Queens (QQ) are formidable in multiway pots because they have a high chance of holding up against multiple opponents. These hands can result in big wins when you hit sets or make top pair/top kicker on the flop.

Suited connectors have the potential to make strong draws or straights, which can win big pots. They are versatile hands that can be played cautiously or aggressively, depending on the table dynamics.

Aces are valuable because they can hit strong top pairs with good kickers or make flushes and nut flushes. They are particularly profitable in multiway pots when the flop contains two or more cards of your suit.

High-ranking, non-paired hands like Ace-King (AK) and King-Queen (KQ) can make strong top pairs and potentially dominate opponents. They play well in multiway pots as they have good equity against a wide range of hands.

While not as strong as high pairs, small to medium pairs can be profitable in multiway pots if you hit a set on the flop. They offer the potential for hidden strength and can catch opponents off guard.

These hands have the potential to make straights and flushes, providing opportunities for strong hands in multiway pots. Be cautious with them, as they are not as strong as some other hands on this list.

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