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WSOP winner Joe Hachem makes unbelievable fold during the WPT Championship

WSOP winner Joe Hachem makes unbelievable fold during the WPT Championship

Hachem folds K-K preflop, and his decision proves to be right on the money

As the money bubble got closer on Day 2 of the 2023 WPT World Championship at Wynn Las Vegas, Joe Hachem got the poker world to react after making an incredible fold while at the featured table. Everyone watched as he folded pocket Kings preflop, which absolutely proved to be the correct move.

At 10,000/15,000 blinds, Ben Bianco was under the gun and raised to 40,000. Hachem, winner of the 2004 World Series of Poker Main Event, was next to act. Holding K-C, K-H, and 500,000 in chips as he sat just outside the money, Hachem would three-bet to 120,000 as the action folded back to Bianco. After thinking momentarily, Bianco would four-bet to put Hachem all in, holding A-S, A-C.

Hachem didn’t make a snap call with his two Kings, as some may have anticipated. However, something strange happened as he thought about his next move. An announcement over the speakers told dealers to finish the current hand and stop, meaning the bubble was at hand. For some players, that might have been a signal to keep playing until securing the minimum cash. But not Hachem.

“This would be the sickest fold,” declared Hachem. “I know you’ve just got it.” Once Hachem picked his cards up to fold, Bianco said. “If you show it, I’ll show it after you fold.” Hachem would then reveal his two Kings. “You are a sick man,” added Bianco.

“What did we just witness?” questioned Henry Kilbane, a commentary team member. Kilbane’s feelings were soon duplicated on social media, mainly after the clip was posted. Before the start of Day 3, Hachem added his viewpoint, which the WPT posted on X. “Sometimes you just know.”

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