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The poker ecosystem isn’t happy with the WSOP’s Main Event tactics

Players believe the WSOP could have tried harder when creating the payout structure

Monday marked the commencement of Day 4 for the World Series of Poker (WSOP), boasting an impressive field of 1,517 players. This year’s WSOP edition garnered an unprecedented – and record – 10,043 participants vying for the $10,000 No-Limit Hold ’em Championship, guaranteeing 1,507 lucky players a cash prize. Nevertheless, the focal point of discussion revolves around the WSOP’s questionable payout system.

The WSOP unveiled the awards for its record-breaking event on Saturday. Being the biggest event field in its history, the prize pool had expanded to $93,399,900. $33 million of that is allocated to the final table, with first place getting $12.1 million. However, the prize for securing ninth place is $900,000.

Players believe the WSOP has evidently shifted its priorities to ensure that the champion of the 2023 Main Event receives $100,000 more compared to the 2006 winner. However, it has to be pointed out that amount won by the ninth-place finisher in that tournament, Dan Nassif, was $1,566,858.

Social media has become a hotbed for numerous players engaging in discussions related to the structure process. However, the general agreement among most is that the WSOP dropped the ball by not pushing the top nine finalists above the $1-million mark.

Comparing this year’s event to the 2006 tournament, the largest until now, it becomes obvious that WSOP brass could have easily found a way to make it happen. Their motives for not doing so, however, remain unclear, as they’re not responding to the backlash.

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