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Poker pro Gary Blackwood drops in on LA

Poker pro Gary Blackwood drops in on LA

The player and vlogger will spend three months in California creating new content

Poker pro and YouTube vlogger Gary Blackwood is relishing his three-month visit to Los Angeles after leaving his London home. His goal is to utilize the time to create poker content and take advantage of other opportunities available.

The 33-year-old poker pro and coach from Scotland has based himself in Venice Beach to take fans along for the adventure. “The main reason I’m in LA is I love it here. I live in London normally, and it’s that time of year when London gets really cold and wet and gray,” said Blackwood. “It’s like 75 degrees Fahrenheit here at nine in the morning. I love it here. I’m primarily here to make content, make YouTube videos, and grow the channel, but also here for the lifestyle. I absolutely love it.”

The most important thing about the lifestyle is that there’s plenty of poker action to be found in Los Angeles. Blackwood, aka Gazzy B, has been a pro for a decade and has established himself as a leading coach at Upswing Poker while gaining followers on his YouTube vlog. He plans to play at the Hustler Casino in low-stakes games while catching all the action on his channel.

Blackwood formerly wrote a blog for Two Plus Two, which then became an Instagram account that gained thousands of followers. His YouTube channel has nearly 10,000 subscribers and will offer a unique look into mid-to-high stakes LA cash games. He has been posting 2-3 videos per week while winning at the Hustler Casino and was recently offered a seat to make his first appearance on Hustler Casino Live on Wednesday, November 1.

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