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Phil Hellmuth busts as he tries to win another Main Event title

The Poker Brat falls in big fashion as he tried to lay claim to his 18th WSOP bracelet

Phil Hellmuth’s dreams of triumph at the 2023 Word Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event were shattered on Day 2D, putting an end to his hopes of claiming yet another bracelet and solidifying his status as the greatest winner of all time. He fell hard as his flopped two pair lost to a higher flopped two pair.

Despite his glorious victory in 1989, Hellmuth’s poker skills have not brought him any significant monetary success in recent years – his recent 17th bracelet being the exception. It has been a full eight years since he last cashed in a WSOP Main Event, with his most recent major event earnings dating back to 2015 when he finished in 417th place, earning a modest $21,786.

Nicholas “Dirty Diaper” Rigby was the one to unseat The Poker Brat, putting him on the path of defeat. Rigby, a contender in the 2021 Main Event, has found himself entangled in numerous thrilling poker encounters, and ran into Hellmuth on his way toward a chance at the 2023 WSOP Main Event victory.

His unwavering passion for playing 3-2 garnered him the moniker “The Dirty Diaper,” a reference to the hand in some poker circles. He didn’t need it this time around, defeating Hellmuth the old-fashioned way. Holding A-10, the flop came A-10-9, giving him two pair. Hellmuth was holding 10-9 and also picked up two pair.

When the turn showed a 2, Rigby bet before Hellmuth tried to push him into the ropes by raising all-in. The 5 on the river was no help, sending The Poker Brat to the rail. It was a huge coup for Dirty Diaper, who now sits in fifth place on Day 3.

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