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Online poker player Chris Battenfield cleared of cheating accusations

Online poker player Chris Battenfield cleared of cheating accusations

Chris Battenfield is cleared of allegations he used real-time assistance at the online tables has lifted the temporary hold placed on Chris Battenfield’s account after concluding he didn’t use Real Time Assistance (RTA) after being accused of cheating in a recent bracelet event.

Mike “BrockLesnar” Holtz initially took to Twitter/X and accused Battenfield of using RTA after he became suspicious during the October 12 $2,000 bracelet event on WSOP NV/NJ. Holtz used the GTOWizard Fair Play Check to find five hands that indicated Battenfield may have used RTA, later contacting, which placed a hold on his account while they conducted an investigation.

The GTOWizard training tool lets players analyze hand histories and make optimal decisions within seconds. Fair Play Check was newly launched for GTOWizard users, allowing them to review if a particular spot was solved within the time they played.

Battenfield says he worked together with and GTOWizard to determine he wasn’t using GTOWizard while playing, and his temporary hold was lifted on October 17.

The issue has highlighted Fair Play Check’s shortcomings in identifying cheaters and its susceptibility to false positives. The tool lets users see whether a hand was solved within a precise timeframe but doesn’t show who may have been using RTA, so further investigation is needed.

The topic has been discussed frequently on Matt Berkey’s Solve For Why podcast show since Fair Play Check was released. “We as a community are now armed with the ability to self-police and basically suss out things that we may feel are nefarious. However, we’re not privy to all of the information,” he said on his October 6 show.

The conversation about Fair Play Check has highlighted the problems with public cheating accusations and how operators investigate them. No standard protocol currently exists to handle evidence of RTA usage.

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