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Nik Airball loses a fortune in televised Hustler Casino Live game

Things didn’t go well for the regular player in a game of Pot-Limit Omaha

PLO, the popular poker variant that hasn’t reached the popularity of No-Limit Hold’em, is the main focus of Hustler Casino Live this week. Nikhil Arcot, also known as “Nik Airball,” took a drubbing during the Hustler Casino Live stream on Tuesday night in one of the biggest and craziest pot-limit Omaha cash games ever seen publicly.

The stacked lineup for the event included Tom Dwan and Santhosh Suvarna, a regular high roller gaining popularity in poker live streams. shows that Airball was down $44,594 across 80 sessions on HCL, with cumulative losses now at around $474,000. That’s not including the $1 million he lost in his heads-up challenge versus Matt Berkey or the $260,000 lost earlier this month on Bally’s Big Bet Poker.

Airball had such a bad run during the first PLO game on Hustler Casino Live that it would be impossible for it to be any worse. He repeatedly went all in preflop and lost several times when running it twice during the session.

Players at the table bought in for $50,000, with Airball going through over ten bullets before losing over half a million during the seven-hour stream. Dwan would win $160,000, but Anthony was the big winner, taking home just over $400,000.

PLO isn’t featured often in live streams, but fans can catch the action again on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Tuesday night’s game had a lot of interest when over 11,000 repeat viewers tuned in consistently, with viewership occasionally reaching over 14,000 fans. The stream also had many poker fans on social media involved in discussions about the game.

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