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Nik Airball lives up to his name on Hustler Casino Live

Nik Airball lives up to his name on Hustler Casino Live

The regular show fixture claims to be $8 million in the hole

The latest edition of The Nick Vertucci Podcast featured Hustler Casino Live regular Nikhil “Nik Airball” Arcot, with the poker pro saying he was currently on about an $8 million downswing.

After learning this surprising revelation, Vertucci asked Airball about other poker-related subjects during the interview, like his battles with Matt Berkey and his best and worst experiences playing poker. Vertucci then asked his guest how far down he’s gone since the downturn started. “I think, like, it depends on how you look at it, but I would say it’s around $8 million,” Airball replied.

Airball then talked about his favorite and least favorite pros to play with. His favorites are HCL regulars Charles and The Professor, with Brandon Adams being his least favorite to play with, though he didn’t say why.

Berkey and Ethan “Rampage” Yau are just a couple of the players who contributed to Airball’s recent plunge. Yau won several thousand from Airball during a recent HCL episode, with Airball down around $760,000 afterward.

Berkey and Airball then got into a feud after the latter made accusations he was a “scammer” in an interview with Doug Polk. The rivalry continued on an episode of High Stakes Poker, where Berkey took $1,029,700 from Airball last May.

Airball confirmed that the loss to Berkey on High Stakes Poker was the lowest point of his career so far, explaining that while it “sucked to lose a million [dollars], it mostly sucked to lose,” adding that it was harder emotionally than financially.

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