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Hustler Casino Live poker players embroiled in extortion scheme

Hustler Casino Live poker players embroiled in extortion scheme

Benjamin Lee and Wesley Fei were allegedly conned out of money

A man is accused of fraud after pitting two renowned Hustler Casino Live regulars against each other in an intricate scam. “Wes Side” Wesley Fei and Benjamin “Blank Check Ben” Leeboth, popular figures on the show, both admit they’ve had a tense relationship, but they have put aside their differences to reveal the person who extorted them, which Lee described in a blog post on

In August, Wesley was accused by an anonymous person in a WordPress blog post of scamming him for $250,000 in a cryptocurrency scheme in 2022.

The person then contacted Lee via Instagram, informing him about the supposed crypto scam. Lee explained in the blog post that he decided to hear out the alleged victim, partially due to his disdain for Wesley.

He told Lee he wanted to expose Wesley publicly and needed the finances to do so, which Lee refused.

Lee later offered to help fund the project to expose Wesley, sending a $1,000 wire transfer to the person he would discover is a London financial firm recruiter named Russell Thamer.

Lee would wire another $1,500 to fund the project and later send £22,500 ($27,700) in cryptocurrency to the alleged victim surrounding supposed evidence of Wesley, who is from China, being involved in immigration fraud.

The day after receiving another request for funds from Thamer, Lee discovered the documents didn’t exist and contacted Hustler Casino Live co-owner Ryan Feldman to set up a meeting with Wesley. After comparing evidence, they found they had been scammed by someone who took advantage of their dislike for each other.

Both Lee and Wesley have shared proof that Thamer attempted to extort and blackmail them and have become friends since learning they were being pitted against each other.

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