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Hustler Casino Live figure faces fraud accusations

Hustler Casino Live figure faces fraud accusations

Wenzhi Fei is accused of running a crypto scam, but denies the allegations

Hustler Casino Live regular Wesley/Dr. Hash has been blamed for running a $5 million crypto scam. An anonymous account on Reddit posted evidence earlier this week that allegedly shows they and a friend were victims of a $250,000 scam after the SupremeX altcoin crashed. Wesley, whose real name is Wenzhi Fei, says the poster is out to get him and rejects the allegations.

The accuser says in the post that they’re a 28-year-old British financial services professional who acquired an interest in cryptocurrency after hearing many stories of investors making “seven and eight-figure fortunes through shrewd investments in crypto” and dreamed of equaling their good fortune. He and his friend then collected as much information as possible by viewing Telegram channels, where they encountered Wesley.

After noticing Wesley’s apparent deep understanding of the crypto space, they contacted him to find out more. Eventually, they invested $250,000 with an alleged promise of 10 – 50x returns within a year. As May 2022 rolled around, the investors began to have concerns about SupremeX’s lack of growth.

With reassurances from Wesley that a Chinese investor would start buying SuperemeX soon, the accusers were surprised to see large amounts of the coin being sold off in mid-June. On August 19, the coins were completely sold off as the accusers watched their investment disappear.

After evidence of the scam was provided, Wesley’s bank account was frozen, but no funds were recovered. The Reddit poster also claims his apartment was later burglarized, and only their electronic storage devices were stolen.

Wesley later tweeted that he thinks a Hustler Casino Live player is deliberately trying to smear him. However, there’s no doubt we haven’t heard the last of this latest poker community scamming case.

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