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Garrett Adelstein returns to the felt a year after Robbi Jade Lew saga

Garrett Adelstein returns to the felt a year after Robbi Jade Lew saga

The long-time poker player can’t stay away from the game any longer

Garrett Adelstein announced he is returning to high-stakes poker, tweeting that he misses the competition. It’s been over a year since the infamous J4 hand against Robbi Jade Lew, but although the story might not yet be finished, Adelstein says he just can’t continue without playing poker.

“After not watching or playing a hand for over a year, recently my mindset has shifted: I miss the competition. I miss the strategy. I miss taking souls. I miss gambling—telling the dealer “1 time” vs my nitty pro opponents. I miss poker. And I’m ready to battle. DMs are open,” wrote Adelstein in the post.

The question now is where he can play. Nick Vertucci made it clear that Adelstein’s firm refusal to believe there wasn’t something dishonest going on means he’ll probably never return to Hustler Casino Live.

That leaves The Lodge Poker Club, where owners Doug Polk, Brad Owen and Andrew Neeme have built one of the best projects in Texas. Also, Bally Live Poker is another option that regularly has high enough stakes.

Adelstein says he might be rusty when he returns to the table but isn’t concerned about that. One event to watch for in the near future is a heads-up grudge match with Nik Airball. The two have often clashed on Hustler Casino Live and have been known not to like each other very much.

However, not everyone is happy to see Adelstein back on the felt. One poster wants him banned from the industry’s major events, including live-stream competitions.

“Garrett Adelstein should be banned from playing all major poker events (WPT, WSOP, TRITON, HUSTLER LIVE, BALLY LIVE, etc.), till at least 2025. He shouldn’t be allowed to just waltz back in and play like he’s done nothing wrong. “

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