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Eric Persson sets High Stakes Poker on fire

High Stakes Poker continues to raise the bar on big-money games

Episode 2 in Season 11 of High Stakes Poker on Monday night featured a $1 million pot, as the competition was overshadowed by the aggressive play of Eric Persson. Persson would take his seat at the table not long after the show started and would face the same list of players from last week: Andrew Robl, Rob Yong, Ferdinand Putra, Rick Salomon, Jean-Robert Bellande and Charles Yu.

One of the largest pots in High Stakes Poker history happened just a few minutes into the show. An $8,000 double straddle was on when Bellande raised to $20,000 with QS, QH. Yu then made it $60,000 from the button with AD, KH.

Bellande then put his opponent all in after making it $500,000 to create the huge $1,032,000 pot. “Didn’t really wanna get called,” Bellande said after the call as the players waited for the flop.

To minimize their risk, both players agreed to run it twice, with the first board showing 8D, 10H, 8H, 10S, 5S to help Bellande’s queens, but Yu made a flush on the second run, and the players would split the pot.

Persson has recently appeared frequently on several high-stakes poker shows, including Hustler Casino Live and Bally’s Big Bet Poker LIVE. However, he quickly put the other players on notice after arriving late for the High Stakes Poker table with $500,000 worth of chips.

However, his aggressive play only worsened things throughout the night, as Persson would lose two big pots of $436,000 and $249,000. On the final hand of the episode, he moved all in for $238,000, only to lose with a pair of fives to Robi’s aces.

PokerGo will air High Stakes Poker Episode 3 of Season 11 on Monday, August 21.

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