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Doug Polk no match for Ethan Yau in his own poker room

Doug Polk no match for Ethan Yau in his own poker room

Poker vlogger goes on a rampage, easily defeats Polk in heads-up battle

In what was a low-stakes affair for both players, Doug Polk and Ethan “Rampage” Yau battled in a heads-up match live-streamed at The Lodge Poker Card Club this past Thursday. The latter pro easily overpowered his opponent in the match, and Polk never stood a chance.

The two fought for almost six hours at the Texas card room where Polk is the co-owner to play $10/$20 stakes No-Limit Hold’em. The match was competitive in the early stages, with both players trading the chip lead several times. However, after a few hours, it became apparent this was a one-sided competition.

The players’ $2,000 stacks would get much bigger as they traded jabs throughout the session. Polk would go all in on the river for $690 queen-high and was snap-called by Yau’s straight, forcing him to rebuy.

A short time later, with the board showing 3C, 7S, 6S, 10D, 9D, Yau bet $140 on a bluff with QH, JD, but Polk would raise to $400 with KC, 8C for a straight. However, the hand wasn’t over as Yau would three-bet to $2,000.

The bluff didn’t succeed on this occasion, as Polk moved into the chip lead. But Rampage’s aggression would see him successful on several bluffs throughout the match, as well as getting paid on most of his monster hands throughout the night. Yau would also find a number of well-timed bluffs and also avoided paying off Polk in most of his big hands.

As a result, Rampage took home a $15,540 payday against the heads-up legend. Polk will have another chance to recover some of that cash in a much bigger stakes ring game to be held Saturday night at The Lodge, which will also be streamed on YouTube.

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