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Daniel Negreanu pays surprise visit to high schooler’s poker game

Kid Poker dropped in on a game in Los Angeles Sunday night

Daniel Negreanu’s “Kid Poker” nickname was never more appropriate than on Sunday night when the 49-year-old Poker Hall of Famer appeared at a home game held by some teenagers in his Las Vegas neighborhood.

Negreanu tweeted that he was walking his dogs on Sunday when he was approached by a “kid in a suit” from the neighborhood who asked him if he’d like to play some poker with his friends in their last poker game together before they leave for college.

After polling his Twitter (X?) followers whether or not he should go, the majority responded that he should participate. One player from the home game, @__ryanz, responded to ask Dnegsr to come on over. A couple of hours later, Negreanu arrived to talk with the young players and took a seat at the table, although the $0.25/$0.50 stakes were less than he’s used to playing.

Negreanu went all in with A-K vs. 10-7 on the video of his final hand of the night. He walked away as a winner, unlike his recent all-in luck at the WSOP. However, that isn’t what counts in this friendly game among young players enjoying their favorite game for the last time until next summer. It’s definitely an experience they’ll never forget.

Negreanu was applauded on social media for being a true poker ambassador. Although he won the game, he ended up giving it all back to the aspiring college students. “I told them to put $5 in each pot until it’s all gone,” Negreanu said.

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