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Ali Imsirovic admits he has cheated at the poker tables in the past

The poker player comes clean on some of his questionable behavior

For a long time, Ali Imsirovic has been viewed by the poker community as a cheater. He’s never addressed the allegations in depth, but finally decided to speak up over the weekend. The Bosnian poker professional has released a 28-minute video on YouTube where he attempts to clarify the accusations of cheating in poker tournaments. In the video, he acknowledges some of the allegations made against him while denying others. Imsirovic claims that he intends to clear the air regarding the rumors about his involvement in cheating.

Within the initial 15 seconds of the video, the 2021 GPI Player of the Year owned up to his decision of ceasing to commit significant errors and instead, embarking on a journey of creating a greater number of MTT profiles amidst the year 2020. According to the video, Imsirovic created multiple accounts within a span of four to five months.

Despite having over $18.6 million in earnings from live tournaments, as reported by Hendon Mob, the poker pro has not appeared in any high-roller events since the 2022 World Series of Poker (WSOP). Schindler, on the other hand, was seen participating in multiple events over the summer.

In 2022, Imsirovic and Jake Schindler faced accusations from their peers for engaging in online poker fraud by creating multiple accounts, as well as collusion during live tourneys. Consequently, they were expelled from the PokerGO Tour event a few months later. Schindler and Imsirovic have ceased making any public statements regarding the supposed fraud. Schindler, however, still maintains his denial of the accusations made against him.

Imsirovic also refuted most of the accusations brought against him, including the accusation that he initiated an online fraud scam. He dismissed the allegations as utterly absurd.

Last year, Alex Foxen claimed that inappropriate behavior had occurred between Imsirovic and Paul Phua at the Triton Poker event. However, the admitted poker cheat has recently renounced these allegations on Twitter.

Prior to signing off, Imsirovic referred to individuals who lack organization in their affairs. Essentially, he is insinuating that some of his accusers are guilty of fraud themselves or would have committed similar acts.

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