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Alexander Seibt becomes the first poker vlogger to hit a million subs

Alexander Seibt becomes the first poker vlogger to hit a million subs

The poker vlogger known as Wolfgang reaches a new milestone

Alexander “Wolfgang” Seibt began his YouTube account in 2017, and now reaches over one million subscribers. He has also been using YouTube Shorts to cater to fans who prefer lower-limit poker, helping the channel reach the top among poker streamers and vloggers as the first to get a million subscribers.

“We have been on a speed run over the past few months and we just recently hit a million subscribers, which is surreal to say,” said Seibt when marking the occasion last week.

Seibt received a commemorative plaque from YouTube for reaching the one-million subscriber mark. He initially hoped to make $300 to buy into his local casino cash game, but it far exceeded his expectations. “I had no idea that the journey would take me this far. It’s honestly just crazy to say that we’ve hit a million subscribers.”

Wolfgang Poker is ahead of subscriber numbers from other famous YouTube poker vloggers like Daniel Negreanu (783,000), Brad Owen (701,000) and Doug Polk (400,000). He also has more than twice the subscribers of popular poker tours and streams, such as PokerGO and the World Poker Tour.

The only YouTube poker channel with more subscribers than Wolfgang is PokerStars, with 1.72 million. It has posted almost 4,000 videos since 2009, while Seibt started almost ten years later and reached 1 million subscribers with less than 500 videos.

With his capacity to attract newer, younger viewers to poker, Wolfgang has drawn advertisers outside YouTube, and many card rooms are paying him to play at their tables.

Seibt goes to casinos and card rooms several times a week, using two phones and a video camera to catch the action, which may be a lot of work, but his efforts seem popular with viewers.

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