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A lesson on poker attention: Player loses $20K for misreading hand

A Hustler Casino Live player thought he was on a lucky streak before realizing he had nothing

Another crazy hand will be added to the Hustler Casino Live (HCL) library. HCL’s Thirsty Thursday Game had drinks going around the table in the most recent edition, with one player drowning his sorrows after an expensive mistake. San Man, who has appeared several times on the show, was the unlucky player who made the costly error. The hand also raised an ethical debate about whether the river bet should be repaid to the player.

About three and a half hours into play, six players were involved when the flop came 10C, 9H, 5S with action checking to Dr. H on the button, who bet $1,500 with his QD, QC. The action then folded to San Man, who made the call holding 6S, 4C.

The turn was the 5H, giving Dr. H’s pocket Queens the winning hand, with $9,000 more going into the pot before the JS came on the river. Dr. H bet another $14,300 with San Man snap-calling as he turned over the winning overpair to scoop the $43,670 pot.

“Oh yes,” said San Man as he revealed his cards, which was immediately followed by “Oh my god,” after realizing his mistake that cost him $22,000. “I don’t have a five,” he grumbled, which showed why he’d made it to the showdown, thinking he had trips.

It’s obvious this was a big mistake, as San Man’s snap-call and quick reaction clearly showed that he thought he had the winning hand. “I don’t think he’s [Dr. H] is required to [give the river bet back],” said commentator David Tuchmann. “Nate Hill mentioned at a friendly game like this, most people would. I would, as long as I had a good relationship with that player, even decent, I’d probably give the river back.”

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