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West Virginia adds its name to growing multi-state poker group

West Virginia adds its name to growing multi-state poker group

The state is now part of the Multi-State Internet Gaming Agreement

West Virginia became the fifth state to enter the Multi-State Internet Gaming Agreement (MSIGA) on Tuesday, which is an agreement that permits online poker player pools to be shared across state lines. MSIGA also includes Delaware, Michigan, Nevada and New Jersey.

A Delaware corporation called the MSIGA manages the member states and released a statement on Tuesday, November 14. It indicated that West Virginia has joined the group to authorize Internet poker players to compete against players in other participating states.

“I am pleased that our West Virginia iGaming providers will now have the opportunity to offer multi-state poker to our players,” expressed West Virginia Lottery Director John Myers. “This will greatly increase the potential pool of participants and thus allow our players to play for bigger winnings.”

Sharing online poker player pools online has been crucial in states where the activity is legal. In states with legal online poker that aren’t members of MSIGA, such as Pennsylvania, poker players regularly complain about the shortage of players to compete against.

Pooling players across state lines increases the field and thus can accommodate those looking to play at any hour of the day or night.

MSIGA was created through legislation enacted in Delaware and Nevada in 2013, assembling the legal framework for them to share their player pools while not disregarding the Federal Wire Act. The 1961 federal law forbids interstate wire transmissions or communications for betting purposes and was first used to combat illegal sports betting networks.

Nevada and Delaware’s low population compared to other states created the need to pool players to support the two online poker markets. New Jersey joined MSIGA in 2017, with Michigan entering last year.

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