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The 2023 WSOP appears primed to set new prize pool record

$150 million in prize money has already been awarded in the series

American poker events have never seen anything like the 2023 World Series of Poker (WSOP), as it sets unprecedented records with over $150 million in prize money presented until now. Making this series even bigger, there’s still plenty more poker action to come.

In the midst of the 2023 WSOP, 47 gold bracelets have already been claimed by champions. Over 40 bracelet events are still scheduled to take place, including the renowned $10,000 main event. With these games, the WSOP exhibition is estimated to accumulate nearly $400 million in total awards, surpassing its record from 2022. Impressively, in just three weeks, the 103,473 entries generated a grand total of $153,672,652 in reward earnings.

The 47 events proved to be quite profitable, with an average prize of $3,269,631. The program itself had an average buy-in of $14,080. In 2023, there were several events that followed in the footsteps of 2022, such as the $1,500 MONSTER STACK NLH that drew in 8,317 participants this year, up from 6,501 in the previous year. Overall, the prizes awarded increased by a considerable amount, a significant 28% increase, to be precise, from the original prize pool of $8.6 million last year to $11 million now.

The Gladiators of Poker $300, which was the most recent WSOP event, was a huge success. It drew 23,088 participants, resulting in a total prize pool of $5,679,648, making it the second-largest event in the history of WSOP based on the number of entrants. The Big 50 in 2019, which lured 28,371 participants, was the only event to draw a larger crowd.

There has been a noticeable surge in attendance at the WSOP this year, with a 10% rise noted when compared to the number of attendees present during the festival’s first half in the previous year.

In a few weeks’ time, the 2023 WSOP main event is anticipated to come to a close, concluding the series. With numerous real poker players having qualified for the tournament through diverse campaigns, the organizers are enthusiastic about smashing the event’s attendance record and seem poised to achieve just that.

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