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Study finds Iowa residents make the best poker players for one particular reason

Iowa residents reportedly make the best liars, perfect for bluffing at poker

Iowa poker players are the best bluffers because they don’t mind lying to your face. This is based on a recent survey conducted by BetMGM online sportsbook and casino.

BetMGM polled over 3,100 people from 44 states to ask them questions about their lying habits, such as how frequently they lie, how comfortable they are doing it, how good they are at it, and how successful they think they are at lying. Each state received an individual score when the results were calculated, with BetMGM releasing the results in a report.

The report concluded, “Iowans claimed the top spot with a perfect score of 100. Our survey revealed that Hawkeye State residents lie more frequently than any other state and are most successful in getting away with their lies. Iowans seem to have mastered the craft of maintaining the perfect poker face.”

While no one knows if this is true, the study did reveal some interesting results:

  • Three things respondents said they lie about the most are excuses for not seeing other people (24%), their feelings (21%), and secrets they keep (17%). Men said they lied the most when preserving secrets (20%), while the top reason for women was when giving an excuse for not seeing someone (29%).
  • Americans said they lie most often to their friends (26%), followed by strangers (16%) and parents (14%).
  • Americans believe a person’s biggest tells when they lie are dodging eye contact (46%), closed body language (15%), and voice changes (14%).

Bluffing at poker is a science and an art, so there’s no way to know how this translates to the table. So, if you’re playing at the World Series of Poker and think you’re being bluffed, you may want to bite the bullet and call with your two pair.

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