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Poker player wins in first tournament after ex-wife forced him to quit playing

A failed relationship has delivered massive victories for Joseph Altomonte

Joseph Altomonte’s experience in poker and life serves as a valuable lesson to those in relationships: do not let your partner dictate your hobbies or interests. His former significant other previously forbade him from participating in poker, believing it was just a silly game. However, he proved his partner wrong by winning a substantial amount of money shortly after resuming his favorite hobby.

After a hiatus of nine years, the seasoned gambler decided to give poker another go when his romantic partnership dissolved. The American took part in the Omaha Deepstack competition and ended up laughing all the way to the bank by winning a string of lucrative pots. Among his triumphs was a $87,000 prize in March and a $104,000 jackpot in April.

Altomonte also pocketed a whopping $217,000 in prize money along with a World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet. He emerged as the winner of the $600 Pot-Limit Omaha Deepstack event, the 13th of the series, and received a well-deserved bracelet at the Horseshoe in Las Vegas. His two pair held up against a flush attempt by Michael Holmes, who took home $134,171 as the event runner-up.

Apart from his performance, Altomonte’s online achievements have also been noteworthy. Until now, he has won money in four different online WSOP competitions. One of his accomplishments was coming in first place during the $3,200 High Roller tournament, where he earned $87,676.

Just like that, and to the likely dismay of his ex, Altomonte is in the poker history books and on his way to becoming a new leader in the sport.

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