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Poker could soon be an official sport in Mexico

The National Poker Sports Association is lobbying the government for change

Although it sounds like a script for a Hollywood movie, for the more than 20 million people who play poker daily in Mexico, their favorite game could soon be a recognized sport. The National Poker Sports Association (NPSA) has submitted an application to the government for this to happen, and hopes that it’s approved this year.

The call for poker to be considered a sport is advancing rapidly, and optimism is spreading among its promoters. If the effort is successful, this form of entertainment would leave the category of games of luck and would be considered a mental sport.

Poker is undoubtedly a game that moves millions of fans and that has adapted to current times. It takes full advantage of new technologies such as virtual reality, the 3D world and the possibility of playing at any time. Because of this innovation, it can now be played anywhere with only a cell phone in hand.

The NPSA has a challenge ahead, as getting the request approved won’t be easy. The only government institution that oversees entertainment venues and authorizes their operation is the Ministry of the Interior through the General Directorate of Games and Sweepstakes. It acts in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Law of Games and Sweepstakes, promulgated in the country in 1947.

As such, getting the green light means essentially having to rewrite existing gaming laws. Still, the NPSA is confident that it has presented a solid argument to support its request, and it can only now wait to see if the government responds favorably.

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