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MGM Resorts has a new poker vlogging policy

It took the gambling giant two years to create the policy, but it’s now in effect

Vlogging enthusiasts who wish to capture poker live poker events or tournaments in the renowned ARIA Resort and Casino, Bellagio or other MGM Resorts International in Las Vegas can now do so. A novel policy has been put into place just in time for all poker events scheduled during summer. This includes the ongoing BetMGM Poker Tournament as a part of 2023 ARIA Poker Classic.

To capture poker, table games and slot footage, creators must adhere to certain standards and go through an approval process. These standards include not filming dealers or players’ faces. If content creators are interested in getting approval, they can complete an honor request form and await confirmation.

The implementation of the vlogging policy at MGM Resorts was disclosed by Sean McCormack, the director of poker, on Twitter last month. He also mentioned that this policy is a part of MGM’s holistic approach toward technology usage by guests. Having also served as the director of poker operations at ARIA, McCormack revealed that the decision to introduce the vlogging policy was made almost two years back.

Individual poker rooms and managers are often left to their own devices when it comes to adapting to the mobile advertising of poker vloggers, who depend on poker rooms for content. There are no established guidelines in place for vlogging in casinos and card houses.

Although the policies apply to vloggers interested in recording almost any gambling activity, poker has been the most-requested option. For now, the policy only applies to MGM’s properties in Vegas.

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