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Hustler Casino Live players join forces to remove unpopular tanking player

Hustler Casino Live players join forces to remove unpopular tanking player

Martin Kabrhel found out how unwelcome he was at the poker tables last week

Martin Kabrhel found himself in quite an awkward situation at the last Hustler Casino Live 24-hour high-stakes game. The Czech high-stakes pro came to take his seat at 6 AM, to the disappointment of players at the table, who collectively shuddered at his arrival.

Following a brief conversation, the players started to request chip racks when they saw Kabrhel was sitting down. The exact reason players were shunning Kabrhel is unclear, as there were many to pick from.

Kabrhel has been one of the least popular opponents for most high-stakes players for a while, as his prolonged tanking in what should be viewed as a basic spot is a familiar source of aggravation. There’s also his conversation style at the table, as many players have whined that he irritates them during play.

However, seeing him scorned by other players on a popular 24-hour high-stakes show wasn’t the best look for the poker community. While Kabrhel was readying himself in another room, one player quibbled that he played too well, although there was some contention. Nik Airball responded that he plays “too annoying.”

Another noted that Kabhrel was fresh and taking advantage of a table that hadn’t slept for an entire day. Andy Stacks has some resentment towards Kabhrel, accusing him of an unethical hit-and-run the last time they met.

Evidently, Kabrhel left hurriedly, proclaiming he had to conduct a meeting, but players found out later that he was invited to a super-soft private game. This left Stacks enraged, with everyone running after he was down $600k.

While he was unable to sit down and play, Kabrhel stayed polite and tweeted a thank you for inviting him, saying that he would have enjoyed playing with Alan Keating.

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