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Chess pro-turned-poker player launches YouTube channel

Alexandra Botez is taking her poker career seriously with new content

A new face in the realm of poker vlogs is coming in the form of an extremely skilled chess virtuoso. Alexandra Botez recently revealed her venture into the world of poker vlogging via YouTube, coinciding with her appearance in the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event.

As Botez announced on her Twitter account, there are future poker events in store, and the initial one will be celebrated with a dedicated YouTube poker channel. Together with her younger sister Andrea, they have amassed a staggering 1.7 million subscribers on their YouTube and Twitch channels, known as BotezLive. Until now, their focus has predominantly revolved around the game of chess. However, with Andrea embracing fresh ventures, their content has also dabbled into the realm of mixed boxing.

Botez tried for a deep run in the tourney, making it to 1040th and claiming $17,500 for her efforts. Experiencing the tournament was an excruciating ordeal akin to the heart-wrenching moment when Alexandra’s hopes were shattered, having confidently bet her 87,000 chips with pocket Kings, only to witness Allen Chang (holding KJ) complete a straight on the river.

Alexandra’s recent venture into poker has been met with excitement from players and fans worldwide. If she dedicates herself to poker with the same level of commitment as she does to chess, her future holds vast potential for tournament success. As a five-time champion of the Canadian Women’s National Chess Championship and a FIDE-certified female chess player, Alexandra’s skills and expertise are evident.

Botez kickstarted her poker journey this year with a smashing victory in a tournament. She skillfully conquered 79 participants in the intense $550 Hyper Turbo Freezeout at the prestigious PokerStars Caribbean Adventure 2023. Triumphantly emerging as the ultimate champion, she claimed the grand prize of $10,815.

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