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Artificial intelligence is changing the poker ecosystem

More poker players are using AI to improve their game

The emergence of ChatGPT and artificial intelligence (AI) in the tech world has led to a recent poker boom. Notable changes are happening in the game, with players using technology to increase their winning percentages. The topic has been traveling throughout the poker community, with players having mixed opinions on whether or not it should be part of the game.

The study involved Gen-Zers and millennials, with 40% of those surveyed saying that using AI had boosted their gameplay. 45% of the subjects in the survey said that AI helps improve their game. The survey showed that 22% of players utilized AI to increase their wins. Millennials said they were more likely to use AI than Gen-Xers.

It’s not clear whether ChatGPT could be used as a way to cheat at online poker, but it apparently doesn’t help. Gen Z players who say they’ve used AI lost an average of over $1,000, while Millennials saw losses of about $758.

Opinions about the role of ChatGPT and AI in online poker are mixed. Players on Twitter and Reddit have shown they believe using AI is either cheating, bad advice, or helpful advice. Many have found AI useful for learning the game, while others feel that AI doesn’t help.

As the technology continues its evolution, ChatGPT or other options may eventually be accepted or banned. As players use it more in online poker rooms, the industry could subsequently decide how to react to the technology. Many have already begun to put controls in place to identify AI and to keep players honest.

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