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2023 Poker Hall of Fame finalists announced

11 names are on the list, but there are only 10 possible winners

Each year, the World Series of Poker (WSOP) reveals the individuals who have made it to the finals for the prestigious induction into the Poker Hall of Fame. It is a remarkable achievement for any poker player and holds utmost significance in their career. This year’s finalists have been revealed, and the voting will now begin to heat up.

Choosing finalists for the Poker Hall of Fame includes an intricate collaboration between public consensus and assessment administered by its governing council. Aspiring contenders are first granted the opportunity to be considered by the public through a dedicated form on the WSOP website. Typically spanning a few weeks, this period of nomination fosters an incredible pool of talent, from which the 10 most meritorious candidates are meticulously evaluated by the Poker Hall of Fame’s panel of directors.

When the contenders are finalized, the living members of the Poker Hall of Fame engage in a voting procedure to designate the inductees. In more recent times, the induction process has resulted in the selection of a single individual, a change that has been met with some friction.

Every voter is entitled to 10 votes, which may either be cast for a single candidate or divided among two potentials. The chosen inductee will be disclosed and celebrated during the WSOP Main Event, which will be held later this month.

There are 11 names on the list, although only 10 potential winners. Two names comprise a duo of long-running announcers. The list includes:

Ted Forrest
Jeremy Ausmus
Bill Smith
Isai Scheinberg
Mike Matusow
Josh Arieh
Brian Rast
Kathy Liebert
Matt Savage
Lon McEachren & Norman Chad

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