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Online casino, poker bills alive in Illinois

Online casino, poker bills alive in Illinois

Illinois could introduce online casino and player liquidity in poker next year

The prospect of Illinois joining the ranks of states with legal real-money online poker remains alive as two bills filed last February continue to navigate the legislative process in the Illinois General Assembly. The bills look to legalize online poker and casino gaming and allow the state to enter a multi-jurisdictional gaming compact.

Because of the biennial nature of Illinois legislative sessions, where the legislature convenes every other year, both bills remain active. The timetable for both bills to pass extends until January 11, 2025, which is the end of the current legislative session in the state.

The bills signify an essential step towards expanding the online gaming landscape in Illinois, potentially making it the sixth state in the US to adopt real-money online poker. Including online casino gaming further underscores the state’s willingness to explore regulating various forms of online gambling.

The multi-jurisdictional gaming compact element of the bills reflects a broader trend in the US, where states are increasingly considering partnerships to pool player liquidity, which enhances the overall gaming experience and competition in the online poker market.

As the legislative process unfolds, the fate of these bills will be watched closely by both proponents and skeptics of online gambling in Illinois. The potential economic impact, regulatory framework and social considerations will likely be central to the discussions surrounding the bills as they progress through the Illinois General Assembly.

The next few years could mark a transformative period for online gaming enthusiasts in the Land of Lincoln, with the possibility of legal real-money online gambling inching closer to reality.

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