Gambling Legislation

North Carolina lawmaker believes the state can advance gambling legislation

There’s a chance legislation could pass before the end of the summer

Anticipating the conclusion of this year’s legislative session, a prominent politician from North Carolina remains optimistic concerning the state’s ability to negotiate and finalize the implementation of state-sanctioned gambling. He aims to ensure that these discussions progress smoothly and are successfully concluded within the remaining timeframe.

Despite ongoing negotiations between the Senate and House Republicans regarding the state budget for the next two years, reporters have noted that the General Assembly is unable to reach an agreement. The budget was supposed to be in place by July 1, but the delay is good news for gambling supporters.
Senate Speaker Phil Berger has confirmed that discussions regarding the licensing and regulation of video gambling machines, casinos and licensing of gambling on non-tribal lands are still actively involving House leaders.

Berger discussed the potential enactment of a legislative act to authorize the introduction of games of chance. The intended outcome of this move is to ultimately aid in creating a democratic setup. It remains to be seen whether Berger’s stance on the matter is situational or a reflection of his personal principles.

There is a greater than 50% chance that the government could reach a positive decision on gambling expansion, according to Berger. Notably, lawmakers made a significant decision by passing a bill to legalize betting on sports and horse racing statewide.

This expansion of gambling, which follows previous historical developments like the establishment of the state lottery in 2005, anticipates the commencement of wagering activities within the initial half of 2024. Perhaps new casino gambling options will arrive soon after.

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