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North Carolina casino legislation still on the table

North Carolina casino legislation still on the table

Some NC lawmakers are still confident that they can push through casino legislation

Expanding retail casinos in North Carolina is expected to be discussed again in the state legislature in 2024 after efforts failed in recent weeks.

Senator Phil Berger told the local media he’s still hopeful for future casino expansion after the 2023 effort failed. 

"I continue to believe that the arguments for doing what we were proposing are still good arguments, and I will continue to do what I can to try to move that forward,"

North Carolina has tribal casino gaming, but creating more revenue was the biggest reason lawmakers wanted to add commercial casinos. Some lawmakers were motivated to move ahead with casino expansion after seeing North Carolina residents cross the border to visit a casino in Danville, Virginia.

Berger and other lawmakers will likely be unyielding in their efforts to pass casino expansion in 2024. Industry experts believe retail casino expansion will eventually pass in North Carolina, although it may take a few years.

"Once a gaming debate begins, it does not end until there is success for the gaming industry,"

Earlier this year, Rep. Jason Saine published an article in the Charlotte Observer regarding the benefits of legalizing online casinos. 

"My fellow lawmakers continue to debate what gaming expansion looks like, but limiting this discussion to just brick-and-mortar casinos is a lot like building new movie theaters without allowing people to stream movies on their mobile devices,"

Mobile sports betting will launch in North Carolina during the first half of 2024. If it’s successful, it could convince more legislators to support including online casinos in the state.

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