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No chance online casino legislation coming to North Carolina soon

A recent hint that NC might look to embrace iGaming legislation has been debunked

North Carolina state Senator Jim Perry hopes to end the chances of online casino legislation sneaking into the upcoming state budget and made his take on the subject very clear. He told PlayUSA there’s “not a chance in hell.”

A recent report from WRAL in Raleigh says that internet gaming advocates are lobbying to include online casinos in the budget if North Carolina chooses to expand state gambling towards the end of the session. A member of the conference committee, Perry revealed that North Carolina lawmakers hadn’t discussed online casinos’ inclusion in the budget bill, adding that he wouldn’t support it. “I would vote ‘no’ and work hard to bring others with me,” Perry said.

Perry has endorsed legal online sports betting in the Senate but is opposed to online casinos, explaining that they would do nothing for economic development and wouldn’t create new jobs. When talking about adding online casinos to any gaming expansion with WRAL, Scott Ward, Vice President of the Sports Betting Alliance, said, “It’s a natural fit and should be included in the conversation. If you’re going to [do] more gaming legislation, it makes sense to include this. This is where the consumer is now.”

The chance to legalize online casinos in North Carolina in 2023 depends on whether lawmakers draft a gaming expansion package including commercial casinos and video lottery terminals (VLTs), which isn’t guaranteed. Many sources think that VLT authorization wouldn’t become legal without casinos. House Speaker Tim Moore expects North Carolina lawmakers to complete the budget by September.

If gaming expansion fails to make it into this year’s budget, online casino legislation would have more time to gain backing and possibly become part of overall gaming legislation in the future.

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