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New York Senator committed to bringing iGaming to the state

Joseph Addabbo is confident the state will open its doors to online casinos and lotteries

New York Senator Joe Addabbo is not content with just having the largest sports betting shop in the nation. In addition, he ardently aims to introduce an online casino and lottery. Addabbo confidently asserts that it’s only a matter of time before the state embraces the concept.

Addabbo, the chairman of the Senate Racing, Gaming and Betting Committee, voiced his endorsement for allocating $1 billion in education funds from the tax on online sports betting in New York. He highlighted the potential for generating additional revenue by promoting the establishment of online casinos within the state. Emphasizing his commitment to ensuring a secure and proficient expansion of gaming activities, Addabbo aims to introduce greater accessibility to mobile betting throughout New York State, as stated in a press release.

From January 1, 2022, to May 31, 2023, the introduction of legalized online sports betting in New York yielded $1.055 billion in taxes dedicated to education. Notably, in 2023 alone, the online sports betting taxes contributed $362.8 million towards the enhancement and support of New York’s education system.

Addabbo expressed the significance of acquiring an extra $1 billion through the mobile gaming sector to enhance the quality of education for New York’s students. Harnessing these lucrative opportunities, he’s convinced that New York will receive huge rewards.

Addabbo is confident that the rise of online casinos and iLottery can pose a strong advantage, even overshadowing sports betting, in the state of New York. With the state legislative calendar drawing near, he expressed his commitment to dedicating the summer months to meticulously refining the details and ensuring a comprehensive framework for the upcoming online casino and lottery initiative in New York.

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