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New Hampshire’s charitable casinos benefit from new legislation

An increase in gambling spend may signal the state is softening its anti-casino stance

Despite being one of the minority states without a casino, New Hampshire recently experienced a significant development that could potentially pave the way for change. Governor Chris Sununu signed a consequential bill last week, raising the threshold for charitable gambling spend among state residents.

Senate Bill 120 proposes a significant increase in the betting limit for individuals participating in games of chance, such as poker, blackjack and roulette, which are allowed as long as they’re tied to charitable events. Under the new legislation, people would be permitted to wager a maximum of $50 per bet, a substantial rise from the current limit of $10.

The newly implemented legislation brings about a significant enhancement in the maximum spend permitted for participants engaging in games of chance, raising it from $150 per game to $2,500 per game. Simultaneously, it streamlines the bureaucratic process for charities obtaining licenses, as they will now be obligated to reapply on an annual basis instead of the current requirement of reapplication for three consecutive years. Every year, companies will still have to submit a statement to indicate if there have been any modifications to the information they disclosed on their application.

Advocates of the legislation argue that its passing will pave the way for charitable programs to enhance their fundraising endeavors, thereby positively impacting both the associated non-profit organizations and the communities they serve. New Hampshire permits the operation of machine- or table-based gambling ventures, provided they have an affiliation with charitable establishments. As per the legal framework, any charitable organization within the state has the opportunity to form partnerships with gambling operators for a maximum of ten designated game days annually.

An attempt to advocate for online gambling in the state was thwarted by the House last year due to apprehensions voiced by gambling operators and charitable organizations about potential revenue loss. Nevertheless, it is evident that the House lawmakers chose to disregard the myriad of studies indicating that iGaming has virtually no impact on a state’s gaming revenue.

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