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More card rooms coming to California city following council approval

Ventura, CA, has said yes to allowing more gambling halls within city limits

In a bold move, the authorities of Ventura are taking a gamble by introducing a plan to triple the count of card rooms dedicated to gambling. The aim behind this risky decision is to generate fresh funds for the city.

During a meeting on May 8, the Ventura City Council cast their votes on this matter, leading to a 5-2 result in favor. However, it is important to note that council members Mike Johnson and Liz Campos dissented, demonstrating their disagreement with the proposition.

According to Ventura’s Economic Development Director, Meredith Hart, the council was informed that every card table generates approximately $80,000 annually, resulting in a potentially significant boost of over $1.6 million per year through the two new card rooms, each of which can host 10 tables.

City officials have recently been presented with two applications during the filing period following the election. However, pertinent details regarding the name of the sports agency or the potential location have been deliberately kept undisclosed. The customary time frame given to the California Gaming Commission for approving or rejecting such solicitations is typically 180 days, which implies that there is a possibility of new card rooms opening their doors next year.

The city council seized an occasion that arose with the expiry of statewide limitations on the establishment of new card rooms, in accordance with the Gambling Control Act of 1997, starting January 1. Concurrently, Assembly Bill 341 is under discussion in Sacramento, and would introduce a new moratorium if approved. Assistant City Attorney Christopher de la Vega highlighted to the council that the end of the first moratorium has opened up an extraordinary chance for expansion.

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