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Lawmakers in Argentina introduce gambling ad ban bill

Argentina is following other countries in cracking down on gambling advertising

Congresswoman Marcela Campagnoli (CC-ARI) of Argentina recently introduced a bill prohibiting online gambling advertising. The proposal also includes banning gamblers from using debit cards “to avoid the accumulation of gambling debts.”

Based on the document published by media outlet El Parlamentario, the proposed legislation seeks to “prevent online or virtual pathological gambling in the Argentine Republic and to avoid the harmful consequences at individual, family and social level that it causes.”

It also states that online gambling advertising will be limited to live or recorded radio, TV, and media content outlets viewed online using computers or cell phones through web pages, apps, and social networks, including online media outlets, exclusively between 1:00 am and 5:00 am. The text added, “The contents shall be neutral and may not appeal or incite directly to the user. Advertising of recruitment bonuses is prohibited.”

The proposal also has conditions for responsible gaming that comply with specific requirements, including “providing the user with accurate and complete information regarding the type of game, rules, probability of winning, and other information related to the operation of the game; establishing an alert system on the time and money bet to indicate to the bettor when he/she is close to reaching the limits established in his/her user account; having a procedure to verify the identity and age of the bettor and a channel of choice for the player to verify his/her identity through a double factor or the technology that may replace it in the future.”

The presentation of the bill doesn’t automatically mean that it will be approved. However, Argentina, like many other countries, is poised to continue to push gambling into a corner.

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