Gambling Legislation

Italy to introduce sweeping changes to gambling laws

Legislation to update tax laws includes an entire section on gambling reforms

The Italian Chamber of Deputies has approved the “Tax Delegation Law,” which paves the way for the “institutional reorganization” of the Italian gambling sector. The bill has now been sent to the Senate for its second approval, and it’s not expected to face any challenges before passing.

After receiving its final approval, the government expects a period of 18 to 24 months to draft the implementation of the changes to the law. It will take another year to implement the new licensing system and to issue new tender notices regarding the concessions.

In support of the project, Deputy Economist Maurizio Leo announced the government’s intention to complete the agreement before the August break. Earlier this year, Leo led a delegation to draft reforms to modernize Italy’s gambling market.

Roberto Alesse, Director General of the Agency of Customs and Monopolies (ADM), sees the new law as an “extraordinary legislative opportunity” to solve many outstanding issues affecting both the gambling industry and citizens’ lives.

Alesse addressed the issue of fragmented regional gambling laws in his notice, assuring stakeholders that local authorities and ADM will work together to identify “sensitive areas” where the law should limit gambling to protect the vulnerable.

The new law suggests that the government will continue to use a model based on state consent and authorization by police. The government and the region will work together to find a solution for regulating local gambling, which is vital for incumbents.

These measures are to strengthen the solid Italian gambling market, the second largest in Europe, and what is necessary to improve the protections for problem gamblers. The rest of 2023 will show whether the Italian government is serious about addressing the ongoing gambling issues.

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