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Italy takes another step forward with online gaming reform

The country is updating its online gambling laws, but the process is slow

The Italian government is preparing to implement a bill regarding 2023 tax reforms, which will hit the gambling sector, as well. The industry is prepared to see many changes on the horizon regarding the regulations, although the process is taking longer than anticipated.

The lack of market competition has been one of the major challenges that the Italian government has had to face in recent years. This lack of competition, which for the uninitiated may even seem like a good thing, has many negative implications for the gambling market. The resolution for this problem, according to Treasury Deputy Italo Volpe, lies in reorganizing the general rules on places of play, times and other useful aspects.

Many gamblers now play almost exclusively online, even using the welcome bonuses that are often offered by gaming platforms. However, the market grew quickly, without an established set of regulations to guide it. That is now changing through the legislative reforms; however, Italy has had to face a number of delays.

Most recently, the death of former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi left the country in mourning and slowed the process even more. However, with the official mourning period over, the government is going to get back on track with the gambling reforms. This means new laws regarding tax rates and advertising, which will impact operators and their users alike. There will be increased fines associated with violations, which could also lead to changes in how operators conduct their business.

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