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Ireland’s gambling laws could include ban on loot boxes

Ireland's gambling laws could include ban on loot boxes

Lawmakers want to either restrict the popular video game items or eliminate them completely

Ireland’s Department of Justice is reviewing its gambling laws, with a potential focus on loot boxes in video games. These randomized in-game purchases, often containing cosmetic items or gameplay advantages, have sparked debate about their addictive nature and potential exploitation of children.

The discussion comes amidst growing international concern about loot boxes. Belgium and the Netherlands have already implemented regulations classifying loot boxes as a form of gambling. Here, such games would require age restrictions and licensing. While Ireland hasn’t made a definitive decision, Justice Minister Helen McEntee has acknowledged the issue.

The Irish gambling industry is currently regulated by the Gambling and Lotteries Act of 2001, which predates the rise of loot boxes. Proponents of regulation argue that loot boxes share similarities with traditional gambling mechanics like slot machines. Players spend real money for a chance to win a desired item, often with unknown odds. This uncertainty and potential for spending large sums to acquire a specific item raises concerns about addiction, particularly among younger players.

The video game industry maintains that loot boxes are a form of surprise mechanic, not gambling. They argue that players are ultimately purchasing the game itself, with loot boxes offering an additional layer of customization or a way to progress faster. Additionally, some games disclose loot box drop rates, allowing players to make informed decisions about their purchases.

The review of Ireland’s gambling laws is expected to address these arguments and determine the appropriate classification of loot boxes. This could lead to an outright ban on loot boxes in video games, similar to Belgium and the Netherlands. Alternatively, Ireland might implement an age verification system or spending limits for loot box purchases, protecting vulnerable players.

The impact of the review will likely extend beyond loot boxes. The broader goal is to modernize Ireland’s gambling laws to address the evolving online gambling landscape. This includes the rise of esports betting, online casinos, and mobile gambling applications. The review is expected to consider responsible gambling measures, consumer protections and potential tax implications of this growing industry.

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