Gambling Legislation

Ireland moves to update gambling laws, but faces issues

Legislators will address a series of amendments today but have to proceed with caution

The Irish Gambling Act 2022 attempts to cover all bases. Comprehensive measures encompass overseeing advertising practices, gambling platforms and apps, as well as regulations and land-based operations. Amendments to the legislation could arrive next week as it undergoes committee evaluation today, but potential legal obstacles may cause problems before it gets off the ground.

A cautionary note from industry research highlights that laws aiming to control the gambling industry may inadvertently overwhelm the judicial system with legal disputes, prompting players to resort to illicit channels. Regulus Partners, a renowned UK consultancy firm specializing in sports and entertainment, has analyzed the forthcoming legislation meticulously and uncovered a series of challenging elements. It asserts that these have the potential to instigate litigation battles similar to those experienced in the past, as well as similar challenges faced by other European nations regarding legislation.

The bill outlines the structure of the Gaming Regulatory Authority of Ireland. Nevertheless, Regulus argues that if there arises a substantial conflict regarding this subject, the decision would ultimately fall into the hands of the administrator’s interpretation, leading to a legal dispute.

According to Regulus, the segment of the law that addresses maximum payouts and winnings will prove to be perplexing when implemented, and the suggested regulations on advertising lack clarity. Furthermore, the same confusion applies to operators and a potential ban on any type of incentives or inducements.

The bill encompasses additional provisions, among them being a prohibition on gambling promotions aired on TV, radio, and social media between 5:30 AM and 9 PM. This bill will bestow the regulator with significant authority to dictate the specific timing, location and content of gambling advertisements, including their frequency and intensity. However, if Regulus is correct, it won’t take long before any of the measures land in court.

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