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Gambling ad ban bill in New York passes Senate muster

Gambling ad ban bill in New York passes Senate muster

Gov. Holchul’s signature is all that stands in the way of the bill becoming law

Lawmakers in New York seek to pass one final bill before the legislature adjourns for its summer break.

The Senate passed A1118 last week, which requires sportsbooks to incorporate warnings about the “harmful and addictive effects of gambling in their advertisements.” Providers must also include a problem gambling hotline number in all ads. The bill was returned to the Assembly for final consideration and must be endorsed by Gov. Kathy Hochul to become law. However, legislators must move the process along quickly today, the last day of the session.

The Assembly bill proposed by Assemblyman Clyde Vanel and co-sponsored by Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara was approved 57-0 by the Senate. A1118 also requires the New York State Gaming Commission to add the new advertising guidelines to its website.

Three other gambling bills are being considered in the Senate on the final day of the session. S8777 is the closest to passing and would authorize New York sportsbooks to offer season-long prop bets and futures on player awards. The legislation states that such bets “shall be limited to those wagers that the commission determines not to be at risk of undue interference, insider trading of information, or other issues that could compromise the integrity and fairness of the sports wagering program.”

S8777 would also allow wagering on Super Bowl coin tosses. The bill was referred to the Assembly on Tuesday after being passed by the Senate.

Two bills are also being considered after advancing to their third readings in the legislature. S1557 would prohibit anyone under 21 from gambling on horse racing, and S8439 proposes amending New York gaming laws to divert 1% of sports betting revenue and no less than $6 million annually to gambling addiction treatment and education.

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